Friday, February 17, 2012

Helpful Hints for Landing Pages that Convert

Landing Page Structure by Matthieu DejardinsLanding Page Structure by Matthieu Dejardins (Photo credit: Matthieu Dejardins, eCommerce Activist)
By Avis Schluter

Copywriting is an ability that comes into play in many areas of online marketing. You may not have any ambitions to do copywriting, but you can still profit from many of the tactics used in this art. Landing pages are an example of a type of copywriting that almost every marketer must create at one time or another -unless you choose to outsource this. Being skilled in these areas will help you write more powerful copy whether for landing pages or anything else. There are many places you can go to learn more about copywriting, though you should be certain that it's being taught by someone with real authority in this field.

It's important to put yourself in the mind of your reader--there's quite a lot going on there. Your visitor has read your page and tried to take it all in. There will be doubts and hopes they are doing the right thing plus much more. If your landing page is linked to any kind of offer, like an affiliate based offer, you'll need to both restate and emphasize just how much value the offer has. So when the person clicks on the link from your landing page, you should put a list at the top of the page they wind up on. This list should reinforce the value that they'll get from your offer. A quick and simple bullet list of benefits, when worded properly, can add the right amount of clarity and positive feelings that are needed.

You need to figure out the best message that will be as effective as possible for your opt-in box. Try to figure out what happens when a person wants to buy and is just on the brink of making that final decision. A really good sales person is going to know what to say to help the person make the final decision. There is a nearly identical situation on a landing page because a visitor wouldn't have gone to the page if they weren't interested in what was going on. Then all you have to do is figure out what a skilled and very experienced sales person was going to say. Check out the clincher messages on other landing pages (you can find them above the opt-in boxes).

Every landing page has the same end goal and the exact purpose isn't in question here. What you need to question is whether or not you have a cohesive message that isn't easily confused. It's important to actually think about your landing page, you want people to be able to take some specific action for it. So when you look at it from that perspective what you're doing is promoting something and that needs to be easy to understood by the person reading the page. It's important to remember that your readers are there because they choose to be so that means that they must have at least a little bit of interest.

Another practice to stay away from are sentences that are too long. Even though it may seem like there is a ton to learn about excellent landing page design, there really is not. We understand, though, if you might feel differently. The most important thing is just to throw yourself into the learning process. You need to understand why things get done and this is the only way that you are going to know what to do for your audience.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Strong Link Between Stress And Blood Pressure

Hypertension in AmericaHypertension in America (Photo credit: GEEKSTATS)
By Adam Apalla

As you know, there is a direct connection between stress and blood pressure. A stressful lifestyle is generally accepted to be a major cause of hypertension and a host of other illnesses.

In fact, people are often not very surprised when they learn that someone in a high-profile, high-stress job or business also suffers from high blood pressure. It is practically expected that he or she will have the condition.

Stress-induced hypertension can lead to cardiac problems which may compromise your health for the rest of your life.

Because of the demands of their business, many busy executives don't eat right or exercise. This results in unhealthy weight gain. When you add excessive levels of job related stress into the mix, you have a perfect recipe for several health problems.

High blood pressure increases the load on vital organs of the body. Organs like the kidneys and the heart may become so overloaded that they no longer function properly.

While they are not definite indicators, some of the symptoms of high blood pressure include feelings of lethargy and low energy, increased frequency of urination, severe headaches, giddiness and nausea.

What can someone in a high-stress occupation do to avoid hypertension? It may not always be possible to avoid stressful situations, but you can take steps to minimize the impact.

Ask yourself, have you created a work environment where you are thought to be indispensable in your job? Do you or others feel that work will never get done without your direct presence and intervention?

That sort of environment can generate plenty of stress and send your blood pressure levels dangerously high.

Acknowledge that no one is indispensable and that life and business will go on without you. In any case, you will serve your work better if you don't drive stress levels high for yourself or others.

Often, it is a matter of defining your priorities. Give some serious thought to what is really important to you. Not what you think others expect of you. If what you have is out of alignment with what you want, start to make changes.

If you think you are overloaded at work, ask that some of your duties be given to others in your office.

Consult your doctor about the ideal weight for you and if necessary, begin a weight reduction program under his supervision.

Find out from your doctor what exercise program will suit you best. Make a commitment to exercise regularly and do it.

If your doctor recommends dietary changes such as limiting salt intake to reduce the risk of hypertension, stick to it.

Many people claim that regular meditation can help lower blood pressure. Even five to ten minutes a day can help.

You need not do any esoteric tricks to get the benefits of meditation. Keep it simple. Sit in a comfortable position, relax your body and mind and quiet your thoughts as much as possible. If you prefer, quietly watch your breath flow in and out, without attempting to control it in any way.

Don't get worked up about the fact that you can't relax completely or reach perfect stillness of mind. That's not required in any case.

A series of small changes will add up to a major difference in your state of health. Do what is necessary to limit both stress and blood pressure to manageable levels.

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